Melissa founded Insightful Solutions in 2001 in an effort to bring financial awareness as well as time and life management skills to her clients. She helps her clients become more efficient and goal oriented, which in turn leads them to greater job and life satisfaction. Each client has a unique situation, therefore every strategy is tailored to that person or business. Through ethics and integrity, Melissa creates peace of mind for those who hire her.


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Jul 20 2014

Do you lock the door of your home when you leave?  Why is that?  I'm guessing it is to protect your valuables.  Then why don't you have a passcode on your smartphone?  Only about 1/3 of individuals have a passcode.  Should the phone be lost or stolen, all the information is available for anyone to access.  Treat the information on your phone that same as you treat the valuables in your home - lock it up! 

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